Updates : [19/04/2005]

Achievement update:
Harden-It protected against the LAND denial of service attack in advance.

Secure-It protected agains the MSHTA Script Execution Vulnerability in advance.

New Release : Secure-It™ 1.25
Updates :
· MSHTA Bugfix

Updates : [13/02/2005]

Secure-it™ users were protected in advance against the a second hole found in HTML Help ActiveX Control.

Secure-It™ 1.23 released
Updates :
· Run files with - untrusted - constrained - normal User rights even if you are logged in as admin. (Right-Click on an exe file)
· Bug fixes.

Updates : [13/01/2005]

Secure-It™ 1.13
Updates :
· Disable wscript.exe, cscript.exe, ftp.exe, tftp.exe.
· Disable potential dangerous scripting extensions.
Harden-It 1.1
Updates :
· Display updates.
· Fix a bug in TCP keep alive.

Pricing changes: Sniff-em™ 1.12 [07/01/2004]

packet sniffer
Sniff-em promotion.

· Academic licenses : up to -25%
· Private licenses : up to -25%
· Business licenses : up to-45%

More information can be found here.

New Software : Secure-It™ 1.0 [05/01/2004]

Secure-It[Freeware] is a new lightweight software release from YASC and Zoller Thierry. Secure-it™ has been designed to harden and secure your local windows installation against potential exploits. [Freeware]

Features :
· Harden your Local Zone Security (My Computer) settings.
· Proactively disable scripting or Active-X controls which proved potential   propagation vectors in the past.
· Reduce potential intrusion vectors by disabling non used services.
· Various other protections.

New Software : Harden-It™ 1.1 [26/12/2004]

Harden-It [Freeware] is a new lightweight software release from YASC .ltd and Zoller Thierry. Harden-it™ was designed to harden your Windows installation against numerous attacks.

Features :
· Harden your server's TCP and IP stack
· Protect your servers from Denial of Service and other    network based attacks
· Enable SYN flood protection when an attack is detected
· Set the threshold values that are used to determine    what constitutes an attack

Windows XP SP2 bug found [21/12/2004]



Zoller Thierry has found a small vulnerability within a Windows XP SP2 security feature. Read more about it.

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• The Beta version of "Sniff-em the Agent" is near completion. "Sniff-em the Agent" is a distributed packet sniffer optimised for high speed distributed network packet captures. The Agent enables you monitor ALL workstations on your network including switched networks.

• Remotely encrytped commands.
• Captures may run invisible.
• Logs multiple data streams to multiple formats.
• Extensive filter support.
• Compatible with Dial up devices.
• 100Mbs capable.
• Bundled with Sniff-em™.
• Windows XP SP2 combatible.
• and much more.
FREE Beta version: Subscribe to the beta list.

Resellers! Due to new product releases in the following months we are actively searching for resellers willing to resell YASC's current and future product range. We welcome you to briefly sign up to receive further information.

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